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Natural Remedy For Stress, Depression & Anxiety

Fight DEPRESSION, ANXIETY & STRESS Without The Nasty Side Effects!

The World Health Organization estimates that about 121 million people worldwide have some form of depression at any given time. Yet some research suggests that anti-depressants, the most commonly prescribed treatment for depression may not actually be all that effective.

Irving Kirsch, a professor and associate director at Harvard Medical school caused quite a stir in the medical realm when he published an in depth study across all the anti-depressant trials (both published & unpublished) to determine their overall effectiveness.

Irving's research showed that for most people there's very little difference between taking anti-depressants and taking a sugar pill (placebo). Sugar pills on the other hand don't come with a long list of potentially nasty side effects.

But what about natural health supplements? Surely something must work? After all, most of today's modern pharmaceuticals are just synthesized versions of compounds which are naturally found in plants and trees.

'Kanna', the active ingredient found in Uplift™, has been used for almost a millennia by the ancient San people of South Africa due to its stress-relieving and mood-supporting qualities. But it's only been in very recent times that South African has allowed 'Kanna' to be exported and sold commercially to the world. Natural products like St. John's Wort, 5HTP & Passionflower are recommended to be taken for prolonged periods of time before you really start to see the benefits. Uplift™ however is extremely fast acting, with some people saying they see the benefits within a few days & others suggesting that using Uplift™ only 'as needed' is also highly beneficial.

Western medicine suggests that although it has never been biologically proven, imbalances in our brain and body chemistry is the cause of depression. But what causes our bodies to become so out of balance?

Is it a result of our modern day fast paced lifestyles?

Super high stressed careers, to-do lists that never ever end, constant demands on our time, attention and energy, poor sleep all have their part to play. This constant emotionally stressed lifestyle can eventually cause imbalances in our brain and body chemistry which results in a decline in our emotional and mental wellbeing.

Using nature's remedies, we have the recipes at hand to help support the body's natural ability to heal itself with minimal potential for side effects that their synthetic counterparts might have. More and more people are turning away conventional methods and looking to natural remedies for depression.
We all have days where we feel overwhelmed and less then our best. Fast acting Uplift™ can help you reconnect and find your centre again.
Modern life is stressful. Uplift™ gives you that extra 'lift' you need to help restore balance and take on life again.
Uplift™ naturally supports the bodies 'feel good' chemical Serotonin. Perfect for when you are overwhelmed and need to recharge again.
Uplift™ is Organically Grown
"Ernest grows the active ingredients used in Uplift™ in his small farm in Johannesburg before sending it off to our Quality Controlled GMP Certified Manufacturer to be pressed into easy to swallow tablets."
Organically Grown Kanna